Distributor Centre

  • Who is a Distributor?

    An individual who proceeds for both an applicant or unit holder and mutual fund providing various advisory services and support for transaction processing, is considered as a DISTRIBUTOR 

  • Who can be a distributor?
  • What are the documents required to become a distributor with Taurus Mutual Funds?

    Below are the lists of mandatory’s that are required to become a distributor with us:

    • ARN Number is given by the AMFI to a person – Individual / Senior Citizen /Partnership Firm / Company.
    • ARN Certificate is issued by AMFI to a person other than Individual.
    • Accordingly filled Empanelment form with a Photograph (For Company photograph is not required).
    • PAN Number.
    • A Self Declaration form stating compliance of circulars issued by AMFI.
    • In case of a Firm / company – additional document clearly stating that all their employees are AMFI qualified.
    • A Bank Mandate.