Why Taurus Mutual Fund

Our Investment Philosophy
Most people invest for wealth creation & some of them need efficient financial planning partners to manage their wealth. Here at Taurus Mutual Fund, we cater to both segments, those who need help with wealth creation & those who have wealth management needs. We provide financial planning solutions & investment advice which allows you to balance your returns & financial risk effectively. This inherently results in long term growth & also allows for short term monetary gains should you need working capital. Our investment philosophy is based on deep knowledge of the Indian Market, expert man power & proven reliable financial tools for customizing your investment roadmap according to your needs.

Our Products
We believe that everyone has different financial needs. So, at Taurus Mutual Fund, our products are built around investment needs of our customers. Our schemes are the first of its kind & designed to provide you with a balanced portfolio. Effective asset allocation ensures high returns & performance for our investors. Our endeavour is to constantly review market trends & identify new growth sectors in order to create a diverse product portfolio which suits the investment needs of the audience across categories.

Our People
At Taurus Mutual Fund, we believe that people drive an organization. Our team consists of expert financial advisors with proven track records so you can be sure that your financial future is in the hands of experts. Our team is focused & committed to delivering the best results for our investors & the organization.

Our Fund Managers
To be able to manage your investments effectively, it is imperative that we have the financial expertise! This expertise stems from the Taurus Mutual Fund team of fund managers with experience across various funds & sectors of all sizes. Insightful, market-wise & judicious, our fund managers are geared towards offering financial advice that best suits your needs. They all share one trait in common. They are all natural trend spotters so you will never miss out on a market opportunity that has financial growth potential for our investors. 

Our Performance
At Taurus Mutual Fund, our people are well aware of the fact that without performance there can be no growth! Our schemes have therefore been designed such that they perform consistently to not only create wealth but also preserve it for our investors. Our awards are a testimony of our commitment to deliver results or our investors. 

Our Service
At Taurus Mutual Fund, our endeavour is to always provide you with a “first time” resolution. Our service experience is built to ensure hassle free & timely service to you, no matter what your concern is. Right from planning your investments, managing your financial needs to resolving the smallest of your queries, we strive to give you the highest standards of service.